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“We believe your pet deserves dedicated care and attention. We work hard to provide them (your pets) with a low-stress, safe, and comfortable home away from home.”

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About Our Kennel

Seven Lakes Kennels is an all indoor, climate-controlled facility.  It has large windows that provide your pets with sunlight throughout the day. We take  numerous steps to minimize stress in each guest. We play classical music throughout the night and diffuse lavender throughout the building.

Our staff spends individual time with our guests to provide love and to help recognize behaviors that may indicate stress. Our guests are taken outside on a continuous rotation to excrete and enjoy outside time.

Upon arrival to stay with us, we require a current vaccination record. Vaccinations needed: Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper.



Our goal is to provide each family with a professional and positive experience.


Our daycare is a great way to burn off some energy in a safe and monitored environment.


We offer boarding baths and nail trims that can be either during your stay with us or make a reservation online.


We have two trainers on staff that have over 30yrs experience in many different disciplines.